Adolescent Steps

pill-walk-tiny-steps_gideonklindt_twnten.jpgI’ve been working on the second character a bit. This one has a key bit part, but for the most part will be the basis of any bi-peds in the work. While not everything will be garnering an “ah shucks aint that cute” response, I was shooting for that with this one. Call it a cheap trick, but I needed some cuteness to help solicit compassion and levity in the piece. Sharon, the resident expert on “cuteness” told me it passed with very high cute marks. Let’s hope it can win over a few more people…

So today (fingers crossed) I finished the 99% of the rigging on it and took it for a few steps and extreme poses. So far it’s working out OK and “character key sets” are quickly becoming my best friends for keying-out poses. There are so many ways to set up your rigging and animation in SI that at times it can be a task just figuring out what is going to be the best fit.

In the end I spent more time getting the hair to look more woolly and cottony than on the rigging and modeling (not that this is a really complicated character). Part of the reason is that I was trying to get a certain look, with as few hairs as possible, ~8k of them in this instance. The hair system in Softimage, while not the worst, does feel a bit dated and alien compared to some parts of the package. I actually found it easier to use the Bhairy plugin for such things and used that on the Mise en Abyme Album cover to generate feathers on the bird head, and only using the tools with Bhairy and not instances. However, the SI hair system allows the use of dynamics and is a little more flexible over all. Oh well, it’s done now, and I have a fluffy pill to work with!