Japanime Character for the Intel Home Server Contest


Recently I was contracted to do a “Zen Warrior” in a Japanime style for the new Intel Home Sever Contest. To be honest I was a bit nervous and excited when I first took on the project as I had never drawn a Japanime character. To add to the worry was the fact that the project hat a very tight turn around. In the end I think this is a fairly good first attempt, but the fact of the mater is most Japanime follows the same rules, at least for drawing the body, that many other styles do. While proportions esp. of legs are highly exaggerated in some instances, many things are drawn in a similar fashion to how western comics seem constructed and most likely using constructive drawing methods.ihsp_full_body.jpg

One part I really enjoyed about the project was that the client wanted a certain look and feel to the character. It needed to portray friendly confidence. In a sense it was kind of like that great friend we wish we all had that was totally at peace with themselves and most others, but if the rare occasion arose, would not hesitate to defend you- with crazy samurai skills!

I don’t feel I’m ready to draw my own highly stylized Japanime, but it is nice to know that certain “universal” rules are often applied to illustrations, making it easier to deconstruct their construction. In the end the project was a lot of fun to work on.

My fingers are crossed that someone I know wins, so please enter the contest. I personally could use a home server and I’m sure a lot of other folks out there could to, even if we don’t know it.