Natural Set Design


This last weekend Sharon and I went to stay in Astoria at a nice B&B called the “Rose River Inn” and had a great time. While the house that the B&B was located in was an attractively restored turn of the century home, the one just across from it was much more interesting, if not a tad more creepy!

I should have taken a picture of it at night, which is when we first arrived, as it looked even more like a piece from a forgotten horror movie set. The oddest part is that it appears to have someone living in it! There are curtains…and there were some lights on in it at night. Everything else about the house screams creepy, abandoned slasher movie house.

I took several shots of it as reference for wear and degradation in this style of home. It’s hard to approximate or make up wear this good. You just never know when this kind reference will come in handy for future projects.