The Never End Clouds


OK, so I said I’d stop trying to figure out how to make better clouds and move on, but now I promise I’m done. So here is the latest installment in the clouds series to come out of using XSI’s new volume shaders.

Personally I like these clouds quite a bit especially since it is easy to duplicate and make new clouds from the older ones and since it gives you more direct control over the shape. I also think that these look fairly good given that there is only one light in the scene and very few of the bells and whistles of the new shaders are turned on.

The method for making these new ones really isn’t too different from the last 3D generated ones I had shown earlier. The key is to have different procedurals driving the density and the shape density (basically inside look vs the boarders). In addition, instead of filling a bounding volume like I did in the last post, I used an ICE particle emission with a total set number of particles emitted from a simplified cloud like mesh shape I created (made mostly of merged sphere primitives with the bottom flattened out using a proximity scale) with a randomize by value range node plugged into the size. If that was an eyeful to read just look at the image at the end of the post and all will be clear if you’re an XSI user.

I could probably waste a lot of time getting these almost perfected to what I have in my mind…but I need to stop here or else my obsessive nature will derail the project! Clouds aren’t the “stars” in it…just a part of it.