When you do not want to “keep it real”


Cliffs and rocks will most likely be a part of Graymont so it’s something I’ve been working on. The image above is of the cavern from revision C of the whole Graymont look and feel (which has now been mostly ditched so I’m on rev D- YIKES). While it was going to work well for the previous treatments on rev C I’m wanting to go more stylized now. These were relatively easy to create using a base 3D guide layer (created in zbrush and rendered in softimage 5 using a simple light scheme), but they’re just too “realistic” in a way that draws way too much attention them. These are supposed to be background elements, and the texture on them is just too intense.

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to get the more theatrical, but lest realistic rock look going, but so far things have ended up looking like something from a road runner cartoon. In the next few days I hope to post some progress that shows stylized but some what believable rocks and cliffs. The balance between bland, and making “look at me- I’m a star” back drops is a talent I have yet to posses!