BITS album cover illustration

arman_bohn-bits-cover_fin_web_large.jpgI’ve been away from the blog again, caught in a vortex of commercial illustration and 3D work, so when the last major push of it ended it was thankfully time to start working on Arman Bohn’s new album art for bits. Sometimes it’s nice to have a “drawing and painting” project again, even if it’s done on the computer.

Arman’s album idea had me diving into more “traditional” methods of illustration and trying to pull out and off the few tricks I know. Fortunately I have been, for the most part, drawing consistently (I never said enough), but unfortunately haven’t been doing shading and lighting work much as of late- so it took a bit to get back up to speed…well at least my own crawl!

Arman scanned in several classic Atari carts for me to get inspired by. While the layout concepts might be hideous by today’s standards, there were quite a few that demonstrated quite a knowledge of illustrative craft and skill most would agree is lacking in the average “desinestrator” of today- but was much more common at the time. Maybe someday I’ll get there too?

The debut of “BITS” will be at a local arcade and music venue called “Ground Kontrol” herearman-2600-cover_thumb-b_rev-a.jpg in Portland on the 2nd of July. Be sure to stop by if you live in the area and take in some of Arman’s craft and pick up an copy of the album- you will not be disappointed! If you don’t live in the area (or if you missed the show) then be sure to keep checking back at his site in the next few weeks for music downloads for use in your portable listening system with optional portable white mini speaker acoustic attachments.

Here is the original rough thumbnail sketch I presented to Arman as an idea of what we might do for the cover- you can see that the gist is there including the “cyber-knight”…