Channeling your inner 16 year old man-child


So a friend of mine, Javis Jones, is putting together a video tutorial set on 3D-Coat, and asked me to do some concept art for him. He knows I don’t really do guns and heavy testosterone type of work, but he thought I could pull it off. Well I tried and I think I found a spot in my heart that would let the “cool and bad arse” man child play and come up with something that might work.

I really have no idea if this in any way is “cool” since there is so much “cool” stuff out there…and I don’t make much of it nor consume it! To make matters worse I never collected comic books, or watched a lot of cartoons (though I did watch Macross- so maybe there’s the connection?).

I tried to look a lot of different “cool” things, and it’s obviouse the influences rubbed off. I looked at Gundam, Warhamer, Gears of War, and a buch of other stuff I can’t even remember anymore. One theme was similar amongst them all- big, exeagerated limbs and armor that in the end is more cosmetic than functional as it would probably weigh too much and just get in the way! I tried not to look at anything directly while drawing in the hope that something “origional” might come out of it. Oh well…