To see the image “Cats Coming Home” painted out click here.

The other day I was painting a little image in colors! for the DS (not the image above) and when I went to save colors! gave me an error and told me to restart. It was kind of a let down since the image was different than many I’ve made before, and I thought one of the better little doodles I’d created on the hand held. However, I’d saved the file twice just 10 min before and thought it wasn’t too bad to only loose that much time.

I restarted my DS only to find yet another error! “Can’t find the file _DS_Menu.dat” was the error- and I could not boot past it. So I thought…hmm…maybe if I just look at the microSD and overwrite that corrupted file with a backup version it will work?! Loading and viewing the flash chips contents on my computer revealed that the problem was much worse- the whole file system was corrupted and nothing but unreadable ansi garbali-gook. This meant I lost any and everything I hadn’t backed up in the last three weeks- which was quite a bit in the end. I tried checkdisk just for kicks and that hosed almost everything further…

Today I finally restored the contents of the microSD and loaded up colors! again. It was nice to have the portable painter going- but I’ll be sure to back up more often!