Cumulus Cloud Lit From Front


Yesterday while sitting in a waiting room…waiting…I was able to get quite a bit of drawing in. This is one of the more successful clouds I tried to do- and my first with different lighting than the right to left crossing I was doing on the others. I figured my camera might change direction in my project (well it will) and so it would be good to have at least some ability to do clouds lit from other angles (or more that the audience view has change angle.)

You can see it painted out on the Colors! site here, or via video here.

At any rate, this is still using the squiggle technique to get the eccentricities going. In the end rending this kind of cloud seems more about being disciplined and methodical vs. any heavy thinking about tones ect.

I should probably be looking at more clouds as reference, but I find if I have them right next to me I spend too much time copying them instead of undestanding and re-creating a similar cloud. If you’ve ever really tried hard to copy a cloud then you know it’s almost an impossible and madening task- better to get a little “Bob Ross” with these things IMHO. So instead I’ve been trying to “observe” for a period, then put the references down and have a go at it.