Distraction or Creation?


Sometimes you just get a simple idea in your head that you need get out even if it is a distracting side project simply so that you are not distracted thinking about it and can move on to your “real” project. Sometimes you can just sketch it away in fast variations so that it has lost its interest for you, and other times you have to flesh it out and see it to some form of completion. The “Yaddies” and specifically the “YAD” of the “Yaddies” was such a scenario.

There is nothing really original about them (or 90% of similar work out there like it) but for some reason I spent at least an hour drawing creatures like these and just had to create one in 3D so I could move on. Admittedly I’m always looking for an excuse to do a quick modeling project and this one was no exception.

Working from my rough sketch I created the first one, taking liberties where I thought there needed to be some extra exaggeration. After completing that round I decided it was still a bit too…boring…so I turned to the old art friend “a-symmetry”  (sister of the most over used visual term: juxtaposition) to quickly make more interest.  I just changed the scale and orientation of the limbs, added the band aids, and countered the stance etc.

Deciding that I had worked out this idea enough to let it go I stopped there, called it done, and moved on…to the next distraction…