New to me, old to eight year olds

Horses 12-3-2015B I never realized quite how biased I was to drawing particular things until I started drawing ballerinas for a client, and some animal studies of horses.

Horses are interesting, powerfully muscled animals, with lots of historical significance, and ballet is full of muscular people jumping, leaping and doing all sorts of crazy poses.  Exactly the kind of attributes I’d like to draw from more. Why had I not drawn any of these things before given they’re actually ideal subjects?

Horses 12-3-2015A

The only conclusion I could draw (pun not intended) was that I am subject to the same gender and social bias just like everyone else.

So now what? Well all I can say is that it’s a bit liberating to know of this bias and start working against it. I probably will not fill up a note book full of stars and hearts (yet another stereotype), but I look forward to expanding what my definition of the ideal subject as an artist is and expanding my visual lexicon doing so.