DS Animation Doodles

Recently I had a fairly long flight to the E. Coast which left me plenty of time to do some Animanatee doodles on my DS. Now I’m not really great with the tools, and in flight turbulence doesn’t seem to help either, but it is a fun and semi-productive way to help time pass as you wrestle for the arm rest.

This is using the newest Animanatee which can be found here. The timing of a few is off since these all have different frame rates. In the future I think I’ll just stick with the default of 11fps.

Those of you lucky enough to have a DSi will be pleased to know that Inchworm is going to be released as DSiware soon. This is a drawing/animation package with quite a bit of power for hand held animation. Hopefully they can get all the kinks with Nintendo worked out and finally get this out the door!