Finding Your Inner Parish


Here is another attempt at a “cloud” in Colors! DS. I was going for a bit more drama in this one than in the others. I think it looks better than the earlier “mission to mars” one I was trying to get by tweaking the very first attempt done in PS. You can see it painted out on the Colors! site here, or via video here.

The thing that I like best about using Colors! on the Nintendo DS (doesn’t work on DSi yet), is that not only is it portable, but that it is VERY limited, and in a sense more akin to actually painting than photoshop, painter or the like. The advantage to this is it makes you think a lot more about how an image is constructed, unlike photoshop where you can tweak your way out of a situation without necessarily knowing how you got there. It’s important to be able to repeat the process if you ever intend to do a series- regardless of the final format or audience.  So I’m learning just as much if not more from my mistakes this way then if I had all the tools at my disposal.

That said, I’m looking forward to using these same ideas in PS. I can already envision several brushes that should speed up the process greatly.

On a side note: it seems VERY important to find a neutral, gray tint to put on the terminating edge of the cloud forms.