Flight of the Last Clouds


So I’ve reached the point where I have to call it quits on my little cloud adventure and move on to other parts of the project. I’ve learned just enough to be dangerous and create a cloud shape that is beyond the cotton ball cloud look. Nothing to write home about, but it will get me by for now. I could see becoming obsessed though by painting/drawing/creating such things. There are so many kinds of clouds in so many different kinds of light that I think mastering them is an exponential goal.

For kicks, since I love to abuse technology, I loaded up XSI and followed along to a beginners tutorial on using the new volumetric shaders to create clouds. Not perfect…but highly animatable and showing much promise. I know I said it was hard etc. to make clouds in 3D, and for the most part I still feel that way since it takes very little time to get something that reads “cloud” and far more to get the cloud shape and texture you want. These clouds really lack any character. Still…I can’t animate rolling, boiling clouds etc. So I might explore this just a bit more. Integration might also be an an issue depending on the final look I go for over all.


Clouds rendered in XSI 7.01 with the new Binary Alchamey volume shader with infrasampling.