Headveggie Headphones Update

Gideon Klindt preview render white BG

Small update to the Headveggie headphones project. Besides trying a lighter lighting scheme, I added some green, open foam speaker covers, tweaked some of the shaders and created the seam and puckering folds on the ear pads. The effect of the folds is a bit strong and needs to be reworked but I do think it aids the shot a bit.

After finishing up the folds soon I plan on seeing if I can get a little farm like scene going in the background and a sunrise feel to the shot to give it some more context. The farm elements will mostly in silhouette and more graphic.

HeadVeggie Early Render Wires rev-1a HeadVeggie Early Render Wires Close up rev-1a HeadVeggie Early Render w logo rev-1a Print Head Veggie Logo with Type and alt-01