Headveggie Headphones

HeadVeggie Early Render w logo rev-1aI’ve been working a bit on a concept piece for HeadVeggie, a spoof on a popular brand of headphones.

These would be headphones made out of as much industrial compostable plastics and recycled materials as possible, aimed at early and pre-teens, and would have some special features such as noise canceling along with a few more I plan on sharing in the future.
I’m still working on finishing the ear pads, and making the logo and housing one continuous mesh along with a few other details. One part modeling exercise, one part concept and another part 3D render demonstration, I look forward to completing this project soon.

HeadVeggie Early Render Wires rev-1aHeadVeggie Early Render Wires Close up rev-1aHead Veggie Logo with Type and alt-01