Leap’n Lizards II

Gecko Rocket Pack

.Scooter Geckos

Just an update on some images from a series I created for a client. The theme was, for the most part, just geckos doing different things, but trying to use only a few colors and stippling (no gradients sans for the sky). There is also a running Gecko, a snowboarding gecko, a female ninja gecko, and one chilling out with a cup of coffee.

Speaking of coffee, I find it useful, especially when creating organic forms (like…geckos) to do a rough blue pencil sketch first. Often I do this at a nearby coffee shop. It’s a nice way to work out ideas quickly AND get away from the computer. An added bonus is that while you’re at a coffee shop, if you’re sketching human or humanoid forms, there are plenty of people to observe as reference.