Leep’n lizards I need to post more!

Gecko DECO_gecko-m1_closeup-detail-welder_gideon-klindt_rev-15_fin_not-for-print-rgb.jpg_gecko-m1_closeup-detail-riveter_gideon-klindt_rev-15_fin_not-for-print-rgb.jpgWell, I did it again, waited a long time to post. I have excuses all lined up, but what is the point eh? I can say however it’s good to have some work for a change!

Here are some samples I did of a 30″x40″ poster for a large online retailer. I’d say who and show the whole image, but NDA (non-disclosure-agreement) says otherwise. To be fair they were a lot more generous than many companies I’ve done work for, who wouldn’t even let me show any part of a project, let alone mention it, unless I wished to be visited by copyright ninjas and kung-fu lawyers in the night.

This one was fun to work on since it was so graphic (they wanted a Deco/WPA look), and let me test out a few new drawing skills I’m trying to develope. Really nice to work on something that is almost relaxing to do AND pleases the client so much!