A nice distraction: modeling a fish

GK Fish 3Q

I rarely get to model anything that isn’t a USB port or a housing for a device. Most of my days in 3D are spent on basic modeling and the rendering end of things in MODO, so it’s always a nice departure when I get the chance to do some character-type work and free form model or sculpt.

GK Fish SideGK Fish 3Q Mouth

This fish started out as a simple shape to demonstrate a way to create teeth in MODO. At first I thought I’d do the sloppier box model then divide technique, taking little care of n-gons and tris or poly count, since it needed to be done fast, and wasn’t going to be animated, but then I got caught up in the process. Now I’m a bit vested!

Modeling a fish



I’ll probably at least model the mouth, teeth, and eyes so it doesn’t sit at 85% finished like so many other mini projects languishing on my hard drive.

Note to self: modeling can be for fun, and not just for clients and their products.