Not a Real Reel

Gideon Klindt – Basic Reel – 1998-08 from Gideon Klindt on Vimeo.

This is a kind of “reel” of work I’ve done on my own and with others. The reason I don’t call it a real reel is because quite a bit of the work is old and doesn’t reflect my current skill set and direction. Still, it is what I have to work with right now. The Vimeo codec seems to darken AND lighten things a bit so I’m probably going to have to go back into After Effects or Fusion and adjust the levels accordingly and then re-upload the file.

I’ll most likely post full versions of at least two animations in the future, “Cat & Cake” and “R. MUTT Cell,” but I’m not sure I’ll get around to the rest of the videos and animation.