Rodents and rodent like

Rodent and rodent like sketches done in Colors! for the NDS- click on an image to see a larger version.

Here are some constructive studies I was attempting to do in Colors! for the NDS of rodents and marsupials that are similar to rodents in size and shape. I’m trying to figure out their basic proportions and stances since I find that I use them a bit in posters etc. but haven’t really studied them much.

It’s hard to avoid drawing squirrels since they are so “hot” right now as far as illustrated animals go, and since I’ve never lived anywhere with so many until I moved to Portland I feel obliged to do a few sketches now and again. I think the cliche “hotness” of squirrels is only matched and exceeded by owls at this time- which seems more to have stemmed out of a retro crazy.