The Beautiful Train Wrecks Shirt

beautiful-train-wrecks-shirt-with-birds-and-house-reverse-slant-color.gifI’ve been busy lately working on several projects (which is a good thing) and one, that is not under the lovely veil of NDA, is a shirt for the local act “The Beautiful Train Wrecks“. I’ve been working with guitarist and front man Lucas on devising a shirt that used his imagery of a semi-abandoned world not unlike many rural parts of the country. Specifically he wanted me to make use of wire fencing, an old house, and some form of black birds—all in a design that used one to two colors. After some extensive doodling and thinking over it for a while above is what I came up with.

beautiful-train-wrecks-shirt-with-birds-and-house-hard-edge-vector-look-small.gifI was trying to go for a look that seemed a bit more like a block cut with lines that have a more personal feel. For kicks I tried to make a version that was a bit more “clean” and simplified, but as you can see I think it made the feel of the illustration too sterile and “cute” in a way that was counter productive to what the band wished to project. This feels modern and not as sincere as the more block cut like image. Using nothing but the pen tool in Illustrator has a way of making things feel that way unless you fight it, and it rarely a good thing to fight tolls and make them do things that they were not intended for esp. if you have the appropriate tool handy!


To better illustrate the differences I think showing the two sets of birds for either one says it all.

In the end Lucas and I agreed that the first image is the strongest and that is the one he’ll go to print with. Now all we need to do is nail down shirt color(s) and print color(s). I’ll keep the blog updated as to when the shirt goes to print and how things turn out.  Maybe Lucas will send me a shirt and I can post an image of Sharon parading around in it?!?